Awarded Proposals

If you would like additional information, please call 956-969-6732; stop by our office at 312 W. 5th St. Weslaco, TX 78596; or send an e-mail to Andres Sanchez, Assistant Superintendent of Business & Finance.

24-12-20 Enterprise Virtual Server Environment for Weslaco Independent School District

24-12-17 Welding Supplies & Equipment District-Wide

24-11-16 Cafeteria Equipment Repairs District-Wide

22-11-06 Pest Control Services District-Wide EXTENSION

23-11-22 HVAC Supplies & Equipment EXTENSION

24-10-14 Rebid Uniform Rental Service District-Wide

24-09-10 Food Services Cafeteria Refrigerators

2024-01 Activity Transit Buses

24-09-12 Snack Vending Services

24-09-11 Soft Drinks & Energy Drinks Vending Services

24-09-09 Letterman Jackets

24-09-08 Yearbooks: 2023-2024 & 2024-2025

24-08-06 Security Staff Services

23-09-12 Automotive Bus Parts & Equipment  EXTENSION

23-09-11 HVAC Filters EXTENSION

23-08-02 Awards, Trophies Personal Recognition Products EXTENSION

24-08-04 Automotive & Bus Repair Service

24-08-03  Student Pictures Pre-K thru 12 Grade

23-06-44 Professional Errors & Omission Insurance

23-08-06 Specific & Aggregate Stop Loss Insurance for the District's Self-Funded Employee Benefit Program EXTENSION

22-06-20 Student Accident Insurance (Athletic, Catastrophic and Voluntary Insurance EXTENSION

22-06-22 Fleet (Liability & Comprehensive Collision) General Liability, Cargo, Crime and Law Enforcement Insurance EXTENSION

23-08-01 Ambulance Services for the Athletic Program EXTENSION

19-07-37 Groceries, Small Appliances & General Merchandise EXTENSION

RFCQ # 2023-06 Vape Sensors

RFCQ # 2023-05 Electronic Bidding Systems

23-06-43 Small Projects Services for Installation and Repair for District Facilities

23-06-42 Security and Fire Alarm Systems: Inspection and Service

23-05-39 Dental Insurance

23-05-38 Third Party Administrator (TPA) Utilization Review, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Network Access

23-05-41 Backpacks & Supplies

23-05-37 (PBM) Pharmacy Benefits Management

23-04-36 Property & Casualty Insurance-Boiler & Machinery, Property & Content, Inland Marine and Flood Insurance

23-03-33 E-Rate Eligible Fiber Optic Upgrades for Campuses

23-03-32  Athletic Supply & Equipment

23-03-31 Trucks for the Joe Calvillo CTE Complex Ag. Department

22-03-12 Fire Extinguishers Supplies, Service & Inspections EXTENSION

23-01-29 Playground Equipment Replacement and Surface Repairs Projects

23-12-28 Consultant Services for Strategic Planning

23-12-27 Outdoor Cafeteria Tables for Food Service

23-12-26  Maintenance Supplies & Equipment

23-12-23 Automotive and Welding Equipment for the Joe Calvillo CTE Complex

23-11-21 Glass Services & Repair District-Wide

23-09-16 Re-Bid Aquatic Center Pool Area HVAC Upgrades

23-09-15 Demographic Study Services

23-08-04 Athletic Field Maintenance & Landscaping Services

23-08-09 Senior Portraits for School Years 2022-2023 & 2023-2024

22-06-25 Consultants for Special Education Services: Interpreting Services

22-05-17 College  Textbooks for Duel Enrollment and Other College Related programs

22-04-15 Lumber Supplies & Equipment

22-03-13 E-Rate Eligible Internet Access

22-09-01 Safety Security Systems Repair District-Wide

21-10-15 District's Employee Whole Life Insurance Products (EXTENSION)

21-10-08 District's Employee Voluntary Insurance Products (EXTENSION)

20-06-24 Consultants for Special Education Services: Physical Therapy (EXTENSION)

19-06-35 Consultants for Special Education Services: Occupational & Interpreting Services (EXTENSION)

21-03-25 E-Rate Eligible Network Infrastructure Upgrades for Campuses

21-03-24 E-Rate Eligible Network Cabling for Campuses

21-03-22 Portable Air Cleaning Units District-Wide

21-12-18 Bus Drive & Teacher Parking Lot Repaving Project at Weslaco High School

21-10-05 Replacement of the HVAC Units at the Weslaco East High School Gym Complex