Special Education

Special education refers to a range of educational and social services provided by Weslaco Independent School District to individuals with disabilities who are between three and 21 years of age.


Special Education Procedures and Operating Guidelines

Procedural Safeguards


A Parent Language Preference
B Progress Report
C Teacher Folder Monitoring List
E Content Mastery Log
E Inclusion Log
F Receipt of Transition Brochures
Fa Transition Brochure English
Fb Transition Brochure Spanish
Fc Consent for Disclosure for Confidential information
Fc Consent for Disclosure for Confidential information
FF Transition Checklist PDF
FF Transition Checklist Excel
G Student Interview
H functional Vocational Assessment - Teacher Observation
I Notice to Agencies Daily Schedule PDF
J Daily Schedule Word Doc
K Daily Schedule Planner PDF
K Daily Schedule Planner DOC
L Coordinator Cover Sheet PDF
L Coordinator Cover Sheet Word Doc
M Coordinator of Services PDF
M Coordinator of Services Word Doc
N Verification of Receipts PDF
N Verification of Receipts Word Doc
O Staffing PDF
O Staffing Word Doc
P Contact Log PDF
P Contact Log Word Doc
Q Record of Confidentiality PDF
Q Record of Confidentiality Word Doc
R Student Information/ PEIMS verification sheet
S Medicaid Annual Eng/Span
SS Medicaid Notice Annual Eng/Span
T Counselor Eval Referral PDF
T Counselor Eval Referral Word Doc
U Counseling Checklist PDF
U Counseling checklist Word Doc
W Evaluation Report School Health Services (SEAS form)
X Shars Trans Log EXECL
X Shars Trans Log PDF
X Shars Trans Word Doc
Z OT/PT/Speech request PDF
Z OP/PF/Speech request Word Doc

ITP Agencies

Receipt of Transition Brochures

Receipt of Special Education Documents

Teacher Information

Notice that No Additional Data is Needed

Health Information

Classroom Observation

AT Screener 2019

ARD Progress Report

Teacher Checklist

VI Forms

Assistive Technology

Child Find Referral Packet

504 Doctor Verification Form for Homebound

Special Education - Transition

The Texas Transition and Employment Guide is now available! The Texas Transition and Employment Guide provides information on statewide services and programs that assist students with disabilities and their families with information about education, employment, and community living.



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