Technical Services – Event Use Levels

Based on the complexity (or lack there of) of various events, it is necessary to determine which types of events require rehearsal time. The amount of rehearsal time needed to insure a safe working environment and efficient production experience for both the group/organization and the PAC-trained technicians is based on the level of the event. All rehearsal schedules (campus and non-campus groups) must be coordinated and scheduled through the PAC Facility Administrator.

The group/organization must provide a minimum of two (2) ushers for each door entrance into the auditorium for the event, to prevent food and beverage from entering the PAC and to insure proper audience behavior and care of facilities.

The rehearsal and technical requirements, by level, are as follows:

At all levels, the group/organization is required to clear all personal effects from all areas immediately following the event. Total set strike must be completed no later than 24 hours after start time of last performance.