PAC Reservations Procedures and Guidelines

PAC Facility Reservation Procedures

The following information has been developed to assist groups/organizations considering rental or in district use of the WISD Performing Arts Center (PAC). The proper procedures/guidelines for submitting, filling out, and reserving the PAC facility successfully are outlined in this packet. Please read carefully and follow all guidelines.

In addition to the PAC procedures/guidelines, groups/organizations must also follow the requirements and procedures outlined in Board Policy and Administrative Regulations.

Rental fees will be charged based on the group/organization’s classification type, either for profit or non-profit classification, and employee service charges as applicable. The Weslaco ISD PAC Facility Administrator will notify the group/organization of the final charges prior to the event. Payment will be due 24 hours before the scheduled event.

Please read PAC Faciltiy Procedures in our PAC Official Packet if you are a Non Profit or Profit Organization.

PAC Facility Rental Packages and Description

Every package includes one (1) custodian and one (1) technician. Additional hours will be charged.
REHEARSAL DATES: If the non-WISD group reserves the facility for rehearsal time, the group will be charged half of the cost of the Level rate. Custodial or security services are not included.

The charges described at each level are minimum charges. Additional facility use hours or portions of hours will be charged at full-hour rates only. Additional custodial services will be charged at $30 per hour per custodian. Certain activities requiring security will be charged $35 per hour per officer with a three-hour minimum. Technical services will be charged at $50 per hour. When the facility is rented after the normal business hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, custodian, security and technical services must be included as additional charges at the rates listed above. If additional technical services are required beyond the capacity of one (1) technician, customer will pay an additional rate of $50 per hour with a three hour minimum for a second or third WISD technician.