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Warehouse Services

District-Wide Delivery/Retrieval Services

The responsibility for the delivery of all company packages and supply requests that are received at the Central Receiving area belongs to the Warehouse delivery staff. All work orders that are received requesting pick up or transfer of equipment from one area to another is completed by the Warehouse delivery staff. Pick up of damaged or obsolete items that are ready for auction are also picked up by the Warehouse staff and delivered to the auction area located in San Juan Texas.

Fixed Assets Management Program

Any district item with a value of $500.00 or more is considered a fixed asset. All district assets have to be tagged with a district number and monitored in the subsidiary ledger and reconciled with the general ledger. All assets are maintained and controlled until the asset is sold, lost or destroyed. The fixed asset personnel conduct a yearly physical inventory of all assets and reconcile their results with Business Office.
The procedure is as follows:
1. Each campus/department is assigned a person that is responsible for fixed assets.

2. Each campus/department recieves a printout of all fixed assets that are assigned or delivered to that site.

3. This individual responsible for fixed assets for that campus/department does the following:

A. Monitors the movement of fixed assets and completes transfer forms as needed and change of location(s) as needed

B. Sign for all fixed assets delivered to that respective location

C. Assists the Fixed Assets Supervisor with the physical inventory

4. All items on fixed assets printout need to be accounted for as either located, lost, destroyed, or sold at auction and proper documentation noted.

5.The result of the physical inventory are then reconciled with the Business Office.

District-Wide Mail Delivery Service

The W.I.S.D. Warehouse operates a very efficient inter-office mail distribution system. On a daily basis every campus and department's inter-office mail is picked up and delivered to its appropriate destination with special runs available as needed. Along with this service, the Warehouse handles the pick-up and delivery of the district's U.S. mail to and from the Weslaco Post Office.

Print Shop

Print Shop services are available to all campuses and departments. Pricing for specific jobs is available by contacting the Warehouse. Each year the Print Shop produces The W.I.S.D. Math and Reading Workbooks at minimal cost. These workbooks are distributed to the students and used in conjunction with the state adopted textbook. The Print Shop produces excellent quality work at a fraction of the cost of having it produced in the private sector. All campuses and departments are encouraged to take advantage of this service.

Records Management Program

Weslaco ISD maintains its' records management program based on the guidelines set forth with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. (TSLAC) In short, TSLAC is the state agency that governs public records for state agencies, municipal and county governments in addition to local school districts.

Records Request

How to request records

School Records

Requesting student records:

  1. Call the campus to request your school records.
  2. Inactive student records are sent to the warehouse after 2 years of inactivity/withdrawal

Requesting high school transcripts.

  1. High School Transcripts are sent to the WISD Warehouse for permanent storage after 2 years of graduation or withdrawal
  2. Call your last attended high school to request your transcript if the student graduated or withdrew within the last 2 years


Records Management Forms


Central Receiving & Supplies/ Inventory Management Program

Central Receiving & Supplies/ Inventory Management Program

Textbook Management Program

All IMA (Instructional Material Allotment) funded and state adopted textbooks are delivered to the warehouse where they are processed, inventoried, sorted and distributed to the campuses.

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