District Vision

WISD students are empowered 21st century learners with effective communication, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills they can adapt for success in higher education and the diverse global market place. Students are engaged in learning through real-world opportunities that extend beyond the classroom and the school day. All WISD staff members are committed to facilitating and inspiring student learning and creativity; designing and developing digital-age learning experiences; and modeling digital-age work, citizenship, and responsible learning by engaging in continuous professional growth and leadership.

Technology Goals

  • Establish and maintain a robust computer network infrastructure that will support the learning process.
  • Provide adequate leadership, administrative and instructional support to ensure that technology has maximum impact on student success.
  • Ensure that all educators have access to high quality professional development and appropriate tools to model and implement 21st century learning.
  • Students will be engaged in 21st century learning and use a variety of technology tools to enhance and enrich their learning experiences.





The Technology Department at Weslaco Independent School District, headed by Mr. Carlos Martinez, encompasses all facets of technology in the district and is broken into six functional areas.

Evaluation and AccountabilityOverseen by Mr. Rick Flores, this division is responsible for the data warehouse, the District-Wide Reporting System (DRS), Benchmark testing, and mobile app development.

Information Systems – Overseen by Mr. Juan Ruelas, and assisted by Mrs. Sandra Guerra (Sr. Programmer), this division is responsible for all PEIMS reporting, as well as management and maintenance of the Student Information System (SIS) and the Financial Management System (FMS). Managing a team of four skilled programmers, Mrs. Guerra and her staff provide telephone support for end users, and custom programs, screens, queries and reports for users district-wide.

Instructional Technology – Overseen by Mr. Scott Amdahl, this division is responsible for integration of technology into the curriculum. Mr. Amdahl supervises 17 Campus Technology Coordinators (CTC) who are campus assigned certified teachers directly responsible for the technology integration efforts are their respective campus. In addition to technology integration, Mr. Amdahl schedules distance learning connections on request, as well as managing the district eRate program.

Internet Systems – Overseen by Mr. Juan Pablo (JP) Barrera, this division manages the district wide area network, district Exchange email system, and all Internet services, including Internet access, traffic shaping, web hosting, FTP/SFTP, and filtering. This division also has primary responsibility for district network security and is part of the district malware response team.

Technology Support – This division is responsible for repairs of computers, printers, projectors, iPads, digital cameras, document cameras, and other technology equipment. In addition to repairs and an operational member of the district malware response team, this division is also responsible for all servers district-wide, local area networks (cabling and switch configurations), wireless networks, antivirus, and manning the district help desk from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

PEIMS - This division is responsible for all PEIMS reporting to the Texas Education Agency. As part of the PEIMS reporting process, this division is additionally responsible for training campus staff and monitoring compliance with the Attendance Accounting Handbook. This division also produces PEIMS reports for campus and district staff to review prior to each of the four annual PEIMS submissions in an effort to ensure that the data being reported to TEA is as accurate as possible.

Voice Communications – Overseen by Mr. Ruben Elizondo, this division is responsible for all voice communications systems throughout the district. These include, telephones, voice over IP (VOIP) telephones, intercom systems, paging systems, radios, and cell phones.


For Technical Support, please call our Help Desk at 969-6956