PLC Forms & Reservations

Professional Learning Center Guidelines

  • The PLC will be opened 30 minutes prior to your event unless other arrangements have been made with prior approval.
  • The PLC will be closed during the lunch hour the day of your event to allow for the PLC staff to take their lunch break.
  • Picking up papers and trash left behind on the tables and rearranging it immediately after its usage
  • Set up and take down of your event
  • Arriving 30 minutes prior to your intended start time to ensure materials are ready, technology is working as you would like, and refreshments have been set up. Please keep in mind that it is not uncommon for attendees to begin arriving 30 minutes prior to events
  • Clean and return coffee makers, ice chests, and other PLC materials to the original location after usage
  • Returning tables, chairs, and other materials to the original setting. Additionally, all materials brought to the PLC must be removed at the end of the event. Materials left in the PLC will be discarded.
  • Return materials at the podium to their original position and all equipment must be turned off (laptop, projector, microphone, and speaker system)
  • Bringing your own materials. This includes: paper, pens/pencils, sign in sheets, copies, water/coffee, snacks, etc. Materials and copies will NOT be provided by the staff development department.
  • Verifying that all Chromebooks are placed back in the cart and connected to the appropriate charger when they are being used
  • Submitting to the staff development department a copy of the approved memos for a PLC staff member, security guard and custodian prior to an event that is taking place in the evening or weekend. All evening and weekend usage of the PLC requires a PLC staff member, security guard and a custodian.

It is very important that you call to CANCEL the use of the PLC if you do NOT plan to use it for a previously scheduled event. Please take into consideration that the PLC is used often and other departments may have a need to use it.

*Any sessions reserved at the PLC Main with fewer than 30 participants are subject to be moved to the PLC TechLab, if available, in the event that a larger group needs the area.

Professional Learning Center Booking Calendars

PLC Main (Capacity 150-200)

PLC Tech Lab (Capacity 36)

Other Locations Available

District Buildings

  • USDA Building (capacity 75) - Contact Ezmer Villegas at Ext. 6626
  • Parental Conference Room (capacity 40-50) - Contact Oralia/Laura at Ext. 0561 or 0569
  • Central Office Tech Lab (capacity 20) - Contact Jude Cocio at Ext. 6546
    • Computers Available
  • Technology Conference Room (capacity 10) - Contact Jude Cocio at Ext. 6546
  • Board Room (capacity 140) - Contact Rosemary Rodriguez at Ext. 6534
  • C&I Conference Room (capacity 12) - Contact San Juanita Rodriguez at Ext. 6534
  • Performing Arts Center (PAC) 2nd floor (capacity 25-30) - Contact Joe Leal at Ext. 6905

Campus Buildings

  • Sam Houston Staff Development Room (capacity 30-40) - Contact Lisa Zamorrano at Ext. 7572
  • Weslaco East High School Staff Development Room (capacity 60) - Contact Melinda Pena at Ext. 2209
  • Wesalco High School FCR (capacity 250) - Contact Gilbert Rebolloso at Ext. 6700
  • Weslaco High School Mega Lab (capacity 58) - Contact Martha Garces at Ext. 6700
    • Computers Available