Professional Learning

Weslaco Independent School District educators are empowered to develop, engage in, and implement personalized learning experiences that are aligned to district initiatives and are designed to positively influence 21st century learner outcomes.

2020-2021 Professional Development Dates

August 5 - 6:  3rd Annual DI Fiesta Conference

August 10:  Time Equivalency PD - Elementary WISD Content; Secondary Campus Content

August 11:  Time Equivalency PD - Elementary Campus Content; Secondary WISD Content

August 12:  Campus Content Professional Development (PD)

August 13:  Elementary WISD Content PD; Secondary Innovative Teaching

August 14:  Teacher Work Day

August 17:  Convocation/Campus PD

August 18:  Elementary Innovative Teaching; Middle School Campus PD; High School WISD Content

August 19:  Elementary Campus PD; Middle School WISD Content; High School Campus PD

August 20:  Teacher Work Day 

August 21:  Teacher Work Day

September 7:  Campus PD

October 12:  Campus PD

December 18:  Teacher Work Day

January 4:  Campus PD

May 24 - 27:  Campus Enrichment Days

May 28:  Teacher Work Day

Important Reminders When Attending Training


Please pre-register before the session date to ensure you have a secured seat and the trainer is able to prepare as necessary.

Site & Time

Promptness is important, be on time as tardiness is discouraged – sessions are for training/certification purposes.

Personal Materials

Please come prepared with all necessary materials to workshops. This includes, but is not limited to: writing materials, content materials (as needed), technology (as needed), and any other items as requested by the trainer.



Parking is limited at most sites. Consider arriving early and carpooling to any session.


Training sites are not equipped to safely accommodate children in their facilities.

Please help us ensure the safety of your children by making other arrangements for their care/supervision while attending district sessions.

Dress Guidelines

Please honor the district's dress code policy when attending a session or meeting at any facility.

Due to differences in everyone’s temperature preference, it is recommended that you bring a sweater or light jacket.


Remember to place your signature on the sign-in sheet available at each location. No Sign-In will equal to No Credit Hours earned.