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Exam For Acceleration

Grades Kindergarten - 8th

Exams for Acceleration (EFA) are offered to students in grades K- 12 who request to demonstrate proficiency in a grade level or course in which they have not previously been enrolled. Acceleration Exams for End of Course (EOC) subjects including English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology, and U.S. History are available. The EFA is only for students with NO PRIOR INSTRUCTION

Exam For Acceleration Information 2019-2020 - Policy & Application


Grades Kindergarten - 8th


Credit by Exam (CBE) is offered to 1st to 12th grade students with PRIOR INSTRUCTION coming from a nonpublic school or homeschool students. A CBE test can be administrated at any point of the school year.

Credit By Exam Information 2019-2020 - Policy & Application