WISD Cares

If you or someone you know are faced with a mental health crisis, please call the local 24 hour crisis hotline at: 1-877-289-7199.

WISD Staff who are interested in receiving counseling services, please contact us via email at SEL@WISD.US or by phone at      (956) 969-6747

Our team utilizes diverse skill sets including trauma-informed care, behavior management, and care coordination. WISD credentialed and skilled specialists are both flexible and proactive in supporting students who are experiencing a complex mental or behavioral health challenge.

Our LPC services include mental health assessments, student support plans, consultations, case coordination, professional development/trainings and campus presentations.

Parents, if you are interested in having your child receive counseling services, please contact the School Counselor/Social Worker at your child's school.

Depression, Life Transition, Grief, Anger Management, Anxiety, Traumatic Experiences, Loss of Self Esteem, Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation, Self Harm, Bullying...and more.

Licensed Professional Counselors