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Eric Cavazos

Eric Cavazos was born and raised in Weslaco Texas. Mr. Cavazos currently the ACE Coordinator at Gonzalez/Silva Elementary. Eric Cavazos graduated high school in 1999 from Weslaco High. Upon graduation Mr. Cavazos left Weslaco Texas and moved to Houston where he enrolled at the University of Houston. Prior to completing college Mr. Cavazos enlisted in the United States Navy and spent the next 6 ½ years on active duty. Mr. Cavazos currently is still enlisted with the United States Navy Reserve Unit out of Kingsville Texas. Eric Cavazos accomplished his goal of completing his Bachelor's degree from the University of Phoenix in criminal justice as well as completed his Texas Peace Officer's License. Mr. Cavazos spent a good portion of his career travelling around the world and working contracts assisting the United States Military both overseas and in the United States. Mr. Cavazos started working with the ACE Program this year and looks forward to a long lasting career with the program. Mr. Cavazos currently resides in Weslaco Texas and will continue his education while pursuing a Masters degree next year.

Contact information:

Gonzalez Elementary
3801 Mile 5 1/2 W
Weslaco TX 78596
956-969-6900 Ext:37277

Rudy Silva Elementary

1001 W Mile 10 Rd
Weslaco TX 78596


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