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Bids and Proposals

Formal solicitations are also advertised in the Legal Notice section of the Monitor newspaper. Sealed solicitation documents will be received in the Weslaco ISD Business Office, 312 W. 5th St., Weslaco, TX 78596, in accordance with the instructions and conditions contained in each solicitation request listed below. 

If you would like a copy of any of the solicitations listed or have any questions and would like additional information,
please call 956-969-6732; stop by our office at the address indicated above; or send an e-mail to Balde Garcia, Purchasing Director 

Folder RFP # 17-04-34 Lumber Supplies & Equipment (4 Files)
Download 170434_Lumber_Supplies_&_Equipment._RFP.doc
Download Conflict_of_Interest_Questionaire_2016_4.pdf
Download Form_1295_-_Information_&_Form_1.pdf
Download W_-_9_4.pdf
Folder RFP # 17-02-32 Marketing Services (4 Files)
Download 170232_Marketing_Services._RFP.doc
Download Conflict_of_Interest_Questionaire_2016_10.pdf
Download Form_1295_-_Information_&_Form_7.pdf
Download W_-_9_10.pdf
Folder RFP # 17-02-31 Delinquent Propoerty Tax Attorney Services (4 Files)
Download 170231_Delinquent_Tax_Attorney_Services._RFQ.doc
Download Conflict_of_Interest_Questionaire_2016_9.pdf
Download Form_1295_-_Information_&_Form_6.pdf
Download W_-_9_9.pdf
Folder RFP # 17-02-30 Architect Firms Interested in Providing Services for Various Construction Projects District- Wide (6 Files)
Download 170230_Architect_Services._Addendum_1_2.doc
Download 170230_Architect_Services._RFQ.doc
Download 170230 Architect Services, Addendum #1
Download Conflict_of_Interest_Questionaire_2016_8.pdf
Download Form_1295_-_Information_&_Form_5.pdf
Download W_-_9_8.pdf
Folder CSP # 17-03-29 Paint Booth for Career Technical Education (5 Files)
Download 170329_Paint_Booth_for_CTE_Automotive._Addendum_1.doc
Download 170329_Paint_Booth_for_CTE_Automotive._CSP.doc
Download Conflict_of_Interest_Questionaire_2016_11.pdf
Download Form_1295_-_Information_&_Form_8.pdf
Download W_-_9_11.pdf
Folder RFP # 16-07-44 New Installation/Upgrade of Surveillance Systems District-Wide ( Will NOT be released until further notice) (0 Files)
Folder RFP # 17-11-19 Security and Fire Alarm System for Administration Building, Business Building & Weslaco High School (THIS PROPOSAL HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) (8 Files)
Download 171119_Alarm_Systems_at_WHS,_Admin,_Bus_Office._Addendum_1.doc
Download 171119_Alarm_Systems_at_WHS,_Admin,_Bus_Office._RFP.doc
Download WESLACO_SCHOOL_Map_Sheet_1.pdf
Download WESLACO_SCHOOL_Map_Sheet_(2).pdf
Download WESLACO_SCHOOL_Map_Sheet_(3).pdf
Download Conflict_of_Interest_Questionaire_2016_3.pdf
Download Form_1295_-_Information_&_Form.pdf
Download W_-_9_3.pdf
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