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                                   Welcome to the Office of

                   Curriculum and Instruction


The Curriculum Division provides state level support, information and non-regulatory guidance to school administrators, teachers, counselors, parents, and students regarding general curriculum laws and rules, particularly with respect to graduation requirements, options for offering courses, and award of credit.

The division is responsible for supporting development and implementation of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in the foundation and enrichment curriculum. The Curriculum Division also provides state level leadership in the areas of advanced academics, bilingual/ ESL education, early childhood education, Gifted/Talented education; Response to Intervention (RtI), and the Texas-Spain Initiative.



Susan Peterson 

San Juanita Rodriguez
Secretary Ph# (956) 969-6534




Curriculum & Instruction Departments

Advanced Academics Bilingual/ESL Curriculum and Instruction Elementary
Curriculum and Instruction Secondary Language Arts Mathematics
Parental Involvement Science Social Studies
Special Education Staff Development State Compensatory
Student Support Services Career & Technical Education   



Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills by Grade Level (Elementary)


Please visit the TEKS by Chapter to view all Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. 

Kindergarten (PDF)
Grade 1 (PDF)
Grade 2 (PDF)
Grade 3 (PDF)
Grade 4 (PDF)
Grade 5 (PDF) 



Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills by Chapter


Chapter 110. English Language Arts and Reading
Chapter 111. Mathematics
Chapter 112. Science
Chapter 113. Social Studies
Chapter 114. Languages Other Than English
Chapter 115. Health Education
Chapter 116. Physical Education
Chapter 117. Fine Arts
Chapter 118. Economics with Emphasis on the Free Enterprise System and Its Benefits
Chapter 126. Technology Applications
Chapter 127. Career Development
Chapter 128. Spanish Language Arts and English as a Second Language
Chapter 130. Career and Technical Education


English Language Proficiency Standards

Prekindergarten Guidelines

College Readiness Standards


TEKS in Spanish








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